Friday, 4 November 2011

Mould-making and Resin

Today was the final day of our mould making project. Frustratingly what I wanted to make didn't exactly work out but at least I now know how to make a silicone mould and that twisting resin as it's drying is a definate no-no!

Here's my sketchbook journey...

initial ideas...looking at the surface structure of a pineapple and orange and contemplating the shape of twisted peel
documenting the mould making process (also see CastingAbout)
research (with images of work by Geoffery Mann and Ron Arad)
creating my mould!
resin casting samples (+dirty glove!)
research (with work by Anthony Clume)
Gel Coat resin and casting samples
the disaster that was broken peel + what to do next!? (think...Cornelia Parker!)
drilled peel!
amazing Birzi Table Lamp + full orange and skin mould casts
final abstract sculptured lighting design

Next time I use resin, I think I'll be looking to make things like this:

beautiful brooches from Tiffini at EBSQarts

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