Sunday, 13 November 2011


My second project of the term! Yipee!!

The Brief:

Surface is applicable to all areas but in its own right it can provide dynamic opportunities; to explore scale, illusion and media application.

This element will provide an introduction to a whole range of hand printing/drawing onto paper and fabric through a commitment to personal graphic skills and media applications. It is therefore essential to develop and utilise personal original visual research in your sketchbook from a theme of your choice as an inspirational basis for the transition and development of ideas. You will be encouraged to fully explore and record these on a whole range of papers and/or fabrics, utilising inherent qualities of weight and surface to best effect by establishing colour palettes and an understanding of scale, format and composition.

I already had some sketches where I was looking at people and movement. I thought these might be interesting to play around with, especially considering the overlay element with print.

Saturday shopping street scene, Cheltenham
shopping centre, Cheltenham. Sketching from a mezzanine
arboretum, Cheltenham, isolated study sketches
arboretum, Cheltenham, leaves and bikes
isolated study, man throwing ball
Inspired by my older sketches, I took myself over to the castle and spent a day sketching around the grounds...

 christmas lights around the bandstand
bulbous trees and bronze statue
more trees with christmas lights
quick tree root sketch and helmet from inside the decorative arts display
my two favourite Islamic pieces from inside the decorative arts display
another quick tree sketch before I left

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