Friday, 9 December 2011

All up for assesment!

Today is the end of term 1!  Phew! that all went a bit quick!? I presented my work to Kathy and Daniel yesterday, which went 'alright', though I did feel a bit gabbly!!

here's my space set up for assesment
mouldmaking examples, sketchbooks, technical file + artist research
my monoprint series of bikes - which turned out quite well in the end!
and I finally made good out of all those bits of broken resin!

Now it's off for 4 weeks and back in Janurary - lets hope for some snow!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Printmaking Sketchbook

Final day of printmaking... here's my sketchbook process!

introduction to collagraph
experiments in collagraph
chin colle and different papers
monoprinting (with j-cloth ink pad...NOT VERY GOOD!)

experiments with acetate
transfer experiments
working with colour
using my drawings
layering, layering
Lino printing
2 - plate lino
experiments with colour and paper
two new plates
experimenting some more
new set of collagraph plates...
just not working how I wanted them too :(
creating 'wallpaper' with the lino
successfully experimenting with monoprinting
developing some new drawings
some monoprint rejects
and other experiments that didn't make the series

working on a secondary large scale print
and the collection of collagraph prints...

...which due to excess ink...
....or too damp a paper...
...just didn't 'hack it' as a series
I do quite like the way the orange one (on the right) 'shakes' however!?