Saturday, 3 April 2010

The day I closed doors: April 3rd 2010

As I started writing this blog I thought I'd just collect together some images of things I liked and more of the things that I make. But then I started thinking about all that things that have made me like the things I like, subsequently making me make the things I make. So, I worked my way back to April 3rd 2010. This was a very important day as it was three years and 3 months to the day Ripple opened. This was the cafe/bar/restaurant that I owned and ran on Sherwood high street. It had be struggling financially, despite being lovely, creative and fun. But with the ever looming recession, lack of seats and rising prices on pretty much everything, I had to make the call and close it down.  

Ripple cafe/bar: 577 Mansfield Road, Sherwood

I held of crying for most of the day until my dad sent me this message
People came in and out all day and in the evening I had a great big party with a Northern Soul DJ
We drank and drank and drank and drank...
I got rid of most of the food with platter boxes and had the menu up on the mirror!
all my favourite regulars were there
as was my sister - for lots and lots of hugs!!!
Rebecca was there..
..and she surprised me with this AMAZING book!

Christina and Sian were there
Mike was there
and we all had a great great time!

Because this had been such an amazing experience I had to leave just one, last, note...

R.I.P Ripple: 03.11.2006 - 03.04.2010
covers from my handmade menus
my presentation board for my portfolio