Monday, 13 May 2013

End of Year Assessment

What's that you say? Year Two finished....ALREADY?! 

That's right, it's assessment day and I can't believe again how quick this has come round again! What an amazing year though. I feel so excited and happy that I am doing all this right now :)

Having finally got round to achieving some finished objects and items for assessment (yay!) here is my space, and I am very proud of it:

latex, surface and glaze samples boards
additional samples and plaster moulds
And here are some of my chosen few, this is what's exciting me for the journey ahead:

another lovely bubbling
a bisque fired finish which has challenged my notion of 'what is finish on a non-functional object'

and my favourite Latex and Ceramic combinations....
..that show the direction of where I'd like to be heading next year
Really excited for where this all might lead and looking forward to the long summer. I'm off on a drawing trip to Gdansk in a few weeks so will be up with drawings from that soon! Happy holidays, and hopefully some sunshine (?!), 

lots of love, 

Decorative Arts, BA (Hons), Year Two  x

Friday, 3 May 2013


This is why I love my course....a video from the current third years that celebrates everything Dec Arts can do!

See more of their delights over at Notch and come visit the degree show!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Repeat Pattern Workshops

We had a 2D repeat pattern workshop a few weeks ago with Martyn. He delivered instruction on the traditional methods in repeat pattern design and using photoshop, and having wanted to draw my current work for a while it was a really great excuse in which to do so. Taking a big sheet of paper and drawing drawing drawing, my design from that workshop was this:

I feel that it is perhaps a bit busy but with some digital tweaking this could become quite interesting.

For the 3D workshop we were asked to bring in 100 of the same material/object to create 3D forms. I looked to the additional components of my work at the moment (nails and bamboo), plus a few extras from the shop (treasury tags) and got to work!

From the morning session I created these:

Then I went on to draw them in the afternoon. Although they are quite different from my normal kind of drawings, I'm quite pleased with the results:

As with the 2D workshop drawing, I'd like to use the information in the video about repeat pattern using photoshop and play with these lines whilst adding some colour.