Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NTU Interview!

Janurary 5th 9.30am

I head to the Bonnington building with plenty of time to spare, in my new coat, new hat and new shoes. It's a blustery day and I'm walking along proud carrying my big A1 art folder close to my side. I'm ready to sell sell sell myself like I've ever done ever in my life!! I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS PLACE!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Beer Diary

January 1st 2011 saw Mike and I in a new pub, The Plough (in Radford). We decided that because this was new to us and we liked trying new beers everytime we found them, we'd start keeping a beer & pub diary. I carry my diary round with me most places and because it's an academic one and I bought it in January, there are 6 months of redundant page space! So, since that January 1st the diary has taken shape as follows:

January 4th: Victoria, Beeston
Brewsters, Hophead 3.6%

Janurary 12th: Dolphin Inn, Derby
Dolphin 1530 4.4% (Nottingham Brewery Co.)
QUAD cinema bar, Derby
Blackhole Bitter 3.8% (smokey)

January 15th: Roebuck Inn
Pot 'O' Gold 4.6% (Magpie Brewery....but much less smokey than their others!!!!)

January 21st: The Lion, Basford
West Mills Derbyshire 'Armadillo' 4.9% (this tastes even BETTER than the faithful Harvest Pale!)

Janurary 28th: Horse & Groom, Basford
'Stirling Pale' 3.9% (Flipside Brewery)

February 10th: Hand & Heart, Derby Road
New Zealand Pale Ale 5%
Slaters 'HAKA' 5%

March 5th: (unknown pub!)
Ape Ale 5% (Blue Monkey Brewery which always gets a thumbs up from Mike!)
Westons IPA 4.6% (Sarrow Brewing Co.)

(unknown date!) that's no good if you're keeping a DIARY?!
Canalhouse, Nottingham
Kiss Me Kate (for the Royal Wedding!) 4.3% (Castle Rock Brewery) a nice Pale Ale

(unknown date!)
The Boat Inn, Lenton
Ginger Tom 4.5% (and as the name's a ginger, er, beer!!!)

May saw us taking a month off from drinking! We'd had a few too many heavy nights and were saving up for a trip to Portugal so thought a month off would do us some good... it was a bit harder than we'd perhaps anticipated but we managed and celebrated with a pint in the Castle Pub before we left!