Saturday, 1 January 2011

Beer Diary

January 1st 2011 saw Mike and I in a new pub, The Plough (in Radford). We decided that because this was new to us and we liked trying new beers everytime we found them, we'd start keeping a beer & pub diary. I carry my diary round with me most places and because it's an academic one and I bought it in January, there are 6 months of redundant page space! So, since that January 1st the diary has taken shape as follows:

January 4th: Victoria, Beeston
Brewsters, Hophead 3.6%

Janurary 12th: Dolphin Inn, Derby
Dolphin 1530 4.4% (Nottingham Brewery Co.)
QUAD cinema bar, Derby
Blackhole Bitter 3.8% (smokey)

January 15th: Roebuck Inn
Pot 'O' Gold 4.6% (Magpie Brewery....but much less smokey than their others!!!!)

January 21st: The Lion, Basford
West Mills Derbyshire 'Armadillo' 4.9% (this tastes even BETTER than the faithful Harvest Pale!)

Janurary 28th: Horse & Groom, Basford
'Stirling Pale' 3.9% (Flipside Brewery)

February 10th: Hand & Heart, Derby Road
New Zealand Pale Ale 5%
Slaters 'HAKA' 5%

March 5th: (unknown pub!)
Ape Ale 5% (Blue Monkey Brewery which always gets a thumbs up from Mike!)
Westons IPA 4.6% (Sarrow Brewing Co.)

(unknown date!) that's no good if you're keeping a DIARY?!
Canalhouse, Nottingham
Kiss Me Kate (for the Royal Wedding!) 4.3% (Castle Rock Brewery) a nice Pale Ale

(unknown date!)
The Boat Inn, Lenton
Ginger Tom 4.5% (and as the name's a ginger, er, beer!!!)

May saw us taking a month off from drinking! We'd had a few too many heavy nights and were saving up for a trip to Portugal so thought a month off would do us some good... it was a bit harder than we'd perhaps anticipated but we managed and celebrated with a pint in the Castle Pub before we left!

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