Friday, 7 December 2012

1, 10, 1000

With term one finishing today and a 4 week break ahead of me, it's time for some down time.  During the break however I will be thinking about the next project: 1, 10, 1000. 

I have planned a visit to London new week to do some visual research at the British Museum. The Design Museum has an interesting jewellery show on as well so I'm looking forward to seeing that too, post to follow.
So, The Brief: 1, 10, 1000 
6 Week Project 
You Must Chose to Produce finished work using one of three approaches below that you feel most suits you and your ambitions: 
Bespoke: Individual Artworks or Commissions, produced for individuals or a high end gallery/museum context.
Batch: Produced small volume of a similar object or range, produced for a high retail or craft gallery context. 
Mass Produced: object produced using manufacturing techniques that may be produced in large volumes by others people rather than yourself, aimed at a more mass market consumer/retail outlet.
All the above approaches have their pros and cons, which you will need to explore.
However all the approaches require you to undertake some exhaustive market research. The market must be explored in its widest sense, not just as an outlet but as an indicator of trends, innovation, customer motivation and future developments. Through analytical market research, you will identify a potential product for a viable commercial outlet in contemporary design.
Apart from the Market the theme of this project is entirely up to you; remember soon you will have to generate your own brief, idea and concept. So think carefully about a theme which will really get you excited. 
The Process:
You will undertake one of four specialist workshops that are designed to develop your specialist skills and assist with production of work for this project.
You will also carry out personal development of outcomes including: sampling and prototyping in appropriate workshops.
You will produce Market research that shows a consideration of outlet/market place, trend and fashion, product analysis, costing and price points and sustainability issues.

Initially, I'm drawn towards Batch and have opted for leather as my specialist workshop. I'm interested in exploring its properties and taking it outside of it's normal working methods. I'm interested in lighting, porcelain and leather combined. This feels exciting and I'm interested to see the outcome of it through experiments.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Graduation, Dogs and Papers!

It was my sister's Graduation from Sheffield Hallam last week and because I knew it was going to be a long ceremony, I decided to take my sketchbook! Here's the day in marks:

the audience sat

listening to violins

we were welcomed
applauded honorary doctorates
listened to speeches
then some more
before we sat and watched

the graduates walk the stage in their hundreds!

Our weekend continued with lots of time for dogs and papers, 
So as willing life models, here's the family:

Chris and Dave
Nic and Dave
George, Jasper and Nic
and the beautiful floppy eared Jasper up close!