Monday, 29 October 2012


The Brief:

5 Week project

You are Required to select 1 range of Outcomes and 1 location from the list below.


A range of Objects: Vessels, lighting, furniture, interior accessories / fittings, sculptural artefacts.

A range of Adornments: Jewellery, garments, millenary, accessories, sculptural works.

A range of Surfaces: Drawings, patterns, colour works, textures, screens, dividers, interior works


Inside or Outside of the Human body: Contour, hands, eyes, cell structure, finger print, 

The Inner city: Architecture, public spaces, retails environments, pleasure spaces, transport etc.

The Great Outdoors: Parks, fields, forests, mountains, coast, gardens, external structures etc.
You must produce a range of finished work of your choice which is inspired and designed for your specific location.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Along Came Piper

I have been on the hunt for a kitten and yesterday I met one which I just had to take home! So here she is the beautiful blue eyed Piper!

I'm naming her so, as I wanted something that matched her colourings and had some kind of artistic connection. It also needed to fit with Pixie, of course, and at first all I could think of was Grayson Perry! I thought that was a bit long though and she is a girl (though maybe that didn't matter?!) Then there was Rothko, but again a bit male sounding. So on my way back from uni today the perfect name appeared. After John Piper, the painter, who I was introduced to in our Printmaking last year. He works with a lot of grey (a very British colour!!!) but is sensitive with his blues and accent colours too. I love his mark making, and that's really where I'm at with my work right now so what better name for her to have than that! She has delightful blue eyes and exquisit mackerel-like markings. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun drawing her :) so watch this space!

John Piper, Newhaven, 1937

Friday, 5 October 2012

Working In Wire

Whilst exploring ideas for my first project of the year and battling with the predicament of 'where do I fit - 2D or 3D?' I decided to take some of my drawings and start reproducing them three-dimensionally. I bought some modelling wire and got myself down to the shiny new metal workshop! 

Having the drawings as reference in front of me I drew with the wire and a pair of pliers. It was really good fun! :) 

After drawing and getting them to stand, I placed them on a piece of scrap metal and took it through the roller, this produced a really nice effect...

Really illustrative still and containing the life that I seem to have in my drawings, so i continued with some more:

Then approached some other areas of the sketchbook, fixing on this little guy, with his monocle!

Creating a bounce, he sat on the workbench

Then went through the roller and flattened into a new form of flight!

I'm curious as to where they might lead, but in terms of getting back into the workshop, combatting my fear of making that I have sometimes this felt like a really productive exercise and I nice ease in to week one, year 2!

Candy Floss, Ferries Wheels and, err, Mushy Peas with Mint Sauce?!

Yes, it's that time of year again, Nottingham Goose Fair! It's a great place to visit for studies of people, colour and movement so I went down yesterday to do some drawings as it started hitting dusk. 

Here are my efforts; and on the note of mushy peas...I think it's just an East Midlands/Yorkshire thing (so if you've never tried it - give it a go!), but the addition of that vinegary mint sauce is just divine! 

Goose Fair Landscape
drawing in amongst the crowds 
High swing
Swing Higher!? 
If I wasn't going away this weekend I would have gone back armed with a black sketchpad, electric pencil sharpener, pastels, chalks and inks. I feel this would have given a much better capture of the light, but in terms of movement, I think it's getting there.

I decided to go back through the fair on the way home from uni today. I wanted to do at least one detailed drawing, so chose this candy floss stall on Gregory Boulevard:

I wanted to capture the crowds of people visiting/not visiting/just walking past. The lady running the stall asked to see it when it was finished. I showed her, she said she wanted a copy (?!) and gave me this: 

So all in all, not bad for my first week back to uni!