Friday, 19 October 2012

Along Came Piper

I have been on the hunt for a kitten and yesterday I met one which I just had to take home! So here she is the beautiful blue eyed Piper!

I'm naming her so, as I wanted something that matched her colourings and had some kind of artistic connection. It also needed to fit with Pixie, of course, and at first all I could think of was Grayson Perry! I thought that was a bit long though and she is a girl (though maybe that didn't matter?!) Then there was Rothko, but again a bit male sounding. So on my way back from uni today the perfect name appeared. After John Piper, the painter, who I was introduced to in our Printmaking last year. He works with a lot of grey (a very British colour!!!) but is sensitive with his blues and accent colours too. I love his mark making, and that's really where I'm at with my work right now so what better name for her to have than that! She has delightful blue eyes and exquisit mackerel-like markings. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun drawing her :) so watch this space!

John Piper, Newhaven, 1937

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