Friday, 5 October 2012

Working In Wire

Whilst exploring ideas for my first project of the year and battling with the predicament of 'where do I fit - 2D or 3D?' I decided to take some of my drawings and start reproducing them three-dimensionally. I bought some modelling wire and got myself down to the shiny new metal workshop! 

Having the drawings as reference in front of me I drew with the wire and a pair of pliers. It was really good fun! :) 

After drawing and getting them to stand, I placed them on a piece of scrap metal and took it through the roller, this produced a really nice effect...

Really illustrative still and containing the life that I seem to have in my drawings, so i continued with some more:

Then approached some other areas of the sketchbook, fixing on this little guy, with his monocle!

Creating a bounce, he sat on the workbench

Then went through the roller and flattened into a new form of flight!

I'm curious as to where they might lead, but in terms of getting back into the workshop, combatting my fear of making that I have sometimes this felt like a really productive exercise and I nice ease in to week one, year 2!

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