Monday, 29 October 2012


The Brief:

5 Week project

You are Required to select 1 range of Outcomes and 1 location from the list below.


A range of Objects: Vessels, lighting, furniture, interior accessories / fittings, sculptural artefacts.

A range of Adornments: Jewellery, garments, millenary, accessories, sculptural works.

A range of Surfaces: Drawings, patterns, colour works, textures, screens, dividers, interior works


Inside or Outside of the Human body: Contour, hands, eyes, cell structure, finger print, 

The Inner city: Architecture, public spaces, retails environments, pleasure spaces, transport etc.

The Great Outdoors: Parks, fields, forests, mountains, coast, gardens, external structures etc.
You must produce a range of finished work of your choice which is inspired and designed for your specific location.

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