Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life Drawing

Last of the term!


5 minute warm ups
20 minutes...struggling today...too long in the body??
20 minutes...just too 'heavy' all over
20 minutes...great pose but perspective difficult!!
20 of the session but bum too big!?

(and I decided on using pencil today)

5 minute warm ups
20 minutes...'weight' better than yesterday and more detail in the face
20 minutes....nice natural pose but struggling with that back leg??
20 minutes...good top half, too bigger hips for the bottom!?
Should have detailed the seating....
20 of the session...need to work on hand and feet detail a bit more
but other than that..pretty happy!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lino Printing

I worked with lino for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed the process. It woke me up early today so I've come online to look at some images. here's a few I've found, including this great introductory source page

I love the mark making and texture of
Clive-Hicks Jenkins
Beautiful birds by
Mangle Prints on Folksy

Love the dramatic colour in this by
 Gary Hincks
from Stuart's Critical Printing blog (which is excellent!)

Sharon McSwiney
I like the shape, style, composition and colour here

It really lends itself to surface application, like this from craftjuice

This one from Valerie Pica also reminded me of Henry Evans who I stumbled across the other day.

The detail in this print found on famous lino print artists 
is incredible

Kathe Welch
The simplicity of the tree line and surface is interesting here

Leanne Graeff
has some beautiful illustrations. I especially like the lighthouse in this one!

Love the two-tone and depth of perspective
in this print found on Sarahmade

Great colour and composition from Rock That Horse

A good detailing the process on Matt Richards Illustration

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Life Drawing

My life drawing of this week

5 minute warm ups
20 minutes...head too small
20 minutes...ill proportioned head and way off back leg!
20 minutes...proportion better but I'm struggling drawing the face in charcoal
20 minutes...perspective and proportion good


5 minute warm ups

20 minutes...looks like a hunter!
20 minutes...heavy on the smudging and still struggling with facial features in charcoal
20 minutes...left leg a bit thin, upper body a bit too fat!
20 minutes, loved this pose, dramatic lighting and perspective challenge. Still a little heavy on the tonal smudges? maybe I should try some pastels next week? work tonal colour, and with line?

Monday, 14 November 2011

Mike & Pixie

Ink sketches of Mike & Pixie

I haven't drawn in pen for ages, but I really love it! Lots more to come...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Print Research and Sketches

After my tutorial I started researching some print artists. I thought about our print and surface lectures, and specifically about Maija Louekari's Hetkai. The sketchy-line overlay used here would work well with the movement sketches I have done...more drawings perhaps to play with?


Kathy had suggested that I look at Hockney's tree paintings...they're enormous! I don't think I'll be working that big just yet!?

Bigger Trees Near Water, 2007
Suzanne Manns exhibition The Truth About Trees popped up in my search. I was interested by her abstraction and overlay style

Dead of Winter
Paula Zinsmeister had some interesting ways with collage and print

Tree Angels
An article on Mbuti women and barkcloth brought up this interesting print

Mbuti Bark Cloth
These bold composition paintings by Cara Enteles are just brilliant! Not 'prints' as such but the perspective and use of line and colour is great. Just what I need to be thinking about too...

Powerline Tree 4
Tree After Magenta
Bryan Nash Gill creates these prints from real tree bark

I also discovered this brilliant blog on printmaking too - a very inspiring read!

love the movement in this print by Margret Barnard
I then went out to draw some more trees, and noticed that I was paying more attention to perspective, abstraction and line/surface detail.