Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lustre 2011

I went along to Lustre today and saw some very beautiful and inspiring things!

Carly Dodsley caught my eye with her lovely 50s inspired ceramics. 

I even bought this set of glass tumblers from her!
Suet Yi Yip (ex NTU Decorative Arts student!!!) had some beautiful and delicate illustrations across her range of terracotta plates.  I really loved the subject of children and storytelling in her work.

Steve Handley's upcycled furniture was brilliant! This is just what we need to be doing with all our old chopping boards and burnt out spoons!

I loved Ellie Evans and her ephemeral textile 'keepsakes' 

On a similar vien, Clare Hillerby had some jewellery and collage that combines metal work with ephemera and features handwriting..

Hayley Dexter had some wonderful designs across her ceramics and prints range...Very inspiring for my upcoming print project! 
all images: keramiknotebook

really like the composition on this one!

I liked the bark vessels of Jane Bevan

sustainable, organic and interesting formations

I loved the techniques used by Nicola Lidstone to create her folklore-inspired ceramic sculptures

Kate McBride's 'collaged ceramics' are not particularly my obvious taste but I like the honesty of construction in the crude nature of the seam lines in her work

Pink Confection
Similarly, Maggie Withington's ceramics aren't really my taste, but the humourous subjects and play on words remind me of Simon Drew and there is something sort of nostalgic and appealing about the kitsch-like figures she has used to create her work


Craig Fellows interior and fashion textiles were bold exciting

I liked  Tamasyn Gambell's deco inspired stationery

 I found Katie Heeks miniature gardens, made from laser-cut plywood 
and vintage textiles, playful and exciting

rainforest garden
 It was great to see Hannah Lobley's work. I'm very inspired by her use of material (books and paper) and process (wood turning!)

I love Katrin Moye's ceramics too! The vintage/folkloric-like patterns are so pleasing and "I want" worthy!

dandelion cake stand
I also really liked Rebecca Wilson's light spill ceramic wall lamps

All in all it was very inspiring visit!

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