Sunday, 13 November 2011

Life Drawing

My life drawing sessions from this week 

5 minute warm ups, 'ok' proportions on the left...arms could do with more work
and try to complete a bit more of face next time
20 minutes...a bit lob sided and his beard kept throwing me off on the size of the head!
20 minutes, feet problems..
20 minutes... head problems!!
20 minutes...with a very tiny head!?
20 minutes and still struggling with the head!
I only had my A4 sketchbook with me on Wednesday. Thought it would be good to try out my expressive strokes on a smaller scale! I struggled fitting it in on a couple but overall quite pleased the session's efforts!

5 minute warm ups
5 minute and 20 minute...struggling with bum but head good!
20 minutes + hand study...gravity/perspective 'ok' on the right, not overwhelmed by left..
25 minutes..not bad but having problems with that foot!

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