Sunday, 13 November 2011

Print Research and Sketches

After my tutorial I started researching some print artists. I thought about our print and surface lectures, and specifically about Maija Louekari's Hetkai. The sketchy-line overlay used here would work well with the movement sketches I have done...more drawings perhaps to play with?


Kathy had suggested that I look at Hockney's tree paintings...they're enormous! I don't think I'll be working that big just yet!?

Bigger Trees Near Water, 2007
Suzanne Manns exhibition The Truth About Trees popped up in my search. I was interested by her abstraction and overlay style

Dead of Winter
Paula Zinsmeister had some interesting ways with collage and print

Tree Angels
An article on Mbuti women and barkcloth brought up this interesting print

Mbuti Bark Cloth
These bold composition paintings by Cara Enteles are just brilliant! Not 'prints' as such but the perspective and use of line and colour is great. Just what I need to be thinking about too...

Powerline Tree 4
Tree After Magenta
Bryan Nash Gill creates these prints from real tree bark

I also discovered this brilliant blog on printmaking too - a very inspiring read!

love the movement in this print by Margret Barnard
I then went out to draw some more trees, and noticed that I was paying more attention to perspective, abstraction and line/surface detail.

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