Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sketchcrawling in Sheffield

I joined the Sketch Crawl North group in Sheffield yesterday for a day of wandering, coffee, food and drawing. I stumbled across the group through the Urban Sketchers network and was excited to see what a sketchcrawl was like. It took me back to being in Spain, even though it was many degrees cooler, and I realised that sharing some drawing time with a group of people was just what I'd been missing! 

So, with the snow outside and the company of fellow enthusiasts inside, here's what we got up to... 

Starting off with a coffee in Cafe Nero
We drew before taking in a visit to the Millenium Galleries
Then it was lunch at the Frog & Parrot
Where I saved this newsprint that was resting under my chips!
I thought it would be good to use for collage in another drawing sometime, sauce marks and all!

Wine, tables and of course some Sheffield Cutlery!
Then a final stop at the Showroom before sharing our day of mark making with one another.
It was a really great day! Very nice to meet another bunch of enthusiastic scribblers and I'll be looking to attend as many meets like this as I can throughout the year, thank you Sketch Crawl North!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year, New Project

It's nearing the end of my Christmas break and in between seeing friends and family I've been thinking about my upcoming project. Today I made a mood board of some of the objects, ideas and images that have been inspiring me:

I've been looking a lot at the work of Christo and wondering how I might apply the techniques he has used to that of leather. I will be using the words wrapping, binding, stretching and forming in this project to explore the properties of materials and ideas.

When visiting Nottingham Castle a few months ago, I noticed that they had a applied a similar Christo-technique to their outer statues as part of the LaceWorks exhibition: 

They are be no means as successful as any of his monument works:

and it is this attention to shape and form that I wish to apply to my designs.

As part of my visual research, I will be considering;

broken busts, 
mummified feet,
surface manipulation
and textural form

I wish to consider sustainability, through working with objects that are often thrown away and through a process of concealing, wrapping and reforming look to be creating an exciting new range of objects and experiments.