Friday, 29 October 2010

moving house!

During the summer after Ripple closed I decided that with this 'new life' of mine it was probably time for a new place to live! I did some hunting and found a few places but fell in love with one in particular. So, after a fairly quick turnaround of paper exchanges and money being paid, I moved into my very own house on 29th October 2010!
Here is a very happy me!
living room from dining room - look at all that lovely light!
dining room from living room - look at all that lovely space!!!
kitchen, lovely kitchen, all wooden and spacious - hip hippity hooray!
what's down here....
....that'll be a MASSIVE...
...TWO BAY cellar! And with a coal shoot - lovely lovely lovely!!!
from kitchen to garden - check out that view!
I'm going to enjoy cooking in here....
hallway - lovely tiles!!
stupendously HUGE bathroom with a lovely bath and...
...check out the size of that shower!!!
spare room
nice size
master bedroom with lovely floorboards!
stairs to...THIRD FLOOR!
there's a boiler in here and LOADS of storage space
last set of steps to...
...the top floor bedroom - aka my STUDIO SPACE!

So after 1 day and 5 van loads later...the house started looking a bit of a mess!

dining room - living room!
breakout panda!
um, the living room?!
and that beautiful spacious kitchen...
...full of STUFF!
we couldn't move!
but at least mike found the teabags!
MORE stuff....really?
I don't know where I put it all in my 2 bed flat!!!
The lovely Ben and Claire who helped move some monstrous bits of furniture - definitely worked for those pints!

So that was night 1, with 2-4-1 pizzas and a bottle of champagne! Slept at Mike's due to dismantled bed and grabbed a bacon sarnie in the morning on the way over.

Saw this 'display' in the cob shop and quite liked it!
Day 2 was unpack, last trip to Lincolnshire and phillysteak sandwich from OK diner!

Mr Mike my very own Mr Fix it!

Look how much space there is! It's a whole other room!
Starting to look creative!

Hello pretty peacock!
Getting least I can sleep here tonight!
Now THAT'S better!
He's just gotta 'fix things' does Mike...
...very much appreciated though, look how tidy this is now!? Think we should treat ourselves to a little deli lunch. It's only down the road. yum yum yum, what shall we have? a chorizo & jarlsberg and a garlic sausage & mustard sandwich please!

And by the looks like I've lived here forever!! Ahhhhhhhh.
Tesco (round the corner) pizza for dinner and some Becks - lovely! Night Night X x
Good morning new home! I'm very excited to be living in you!!
Mike having a well deserved REST whilst I make a lovely fry up with the help of the Butcher from the bottom of my road!
Lobster for tea? well, i have just moved haven't I!?
How great does this look!!!
Now that's one happy kitchen!
I'm going to decorate this with Mucha in mind...
all thanks to that AMAZING mirror my parents left behind

All in all I drove 820 miles and unload 7 vans worth of stuff during my move!!! I definitely won't be doing that again for a very VERY long time indeed!!!