Sunday, 13 November 2011

Collograph Printing

We started our print project with two plate collographs. First we isolated an image from our sketchbooks.
I chose this image of the bulbous tree (left)
Then we transfered the image onto pale coloured mount card using tracing paper. Sliced into it with a scalpel and applied various surface and textured papers by act of collage and PVA wood glue. Once dry this was then sealed with furniture polish.

background plate (left) with PVA body and peeled backing.
foreground plate (right) with applied texture/surface including wallpaper, tissue paper, sandpaper and corrugated card
wetting the paper ready for print
applying inks to the plates, then rubbing off the excess with scrim
setting your plate, ready for pressing. Newsprint down first, plate facing ink up!
applying blotted sheet to face of plate
now more newsprint (to protect the surface of the blanket)
blanket on top
then its roll roll roll roll roll...
until your first print is just free of the roller.
Apply second/foreground plate using the marking left by first print on the newsprint
then roll roll roll roll it back again!

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