Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lino Printing

I worked with lino for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed the process. It woke me up early today so I've come online to look at some images. here's a few I've found, including this great introductory source page

I love the mark making and texture of
Clive-Hicks Jenkins
Beautiful birds by
Mangle Prints on Folksy

Love the dramatic colour in this by
 Gary Hincks
from Stuart's Critical Printing blog (which is excellent!)

Sharon McSwiney
I like the shape, style, composition and colour here

It really lends itself to surface application, like this from craftjuice

This one from Valerie Pica also reminded me of Henry Evans who I stumbled across the other day.

The detail in this print found on famous lino print artists 
is incredible

Kathe Welch
The simplicity of the tree line and surface is interesting here

Leanne Graeff
has some beautiful illustrations. I especially like the lighthouse in this one!

Love the two-tone and depth of perspective
in this print found on Sarahmade

Great colour and composition from Rock That Horse

A good detailing the process on Matt Richards Illustration

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