Friday, 5 October 2012

Candy Floss, Ferries Wheels and, err, Mushy Peas with Mint Sauce?!

Yes, it's that time of year again, Nottingham Goose Fair! It's a great place to visit for studies of people, colour and movement so I went down yesterday to do some drawings as it started hitting dusk. 

Here are my efforts; and on the note of mushy peas...I think it's just an East Midlands/Yorkshire thing (so if you've never tried it - give it a go!), but the addition of that vinegary mint sauce is just divine! 

Goose Fair Landscape
drawing in amongst the crowds 
High swing
Swing Higher!? 
If I wasn't going away this weekend I would have gone back armed with a black sketchpad, electric pencil sharpener, pastels, chalks and inks. I feel this would have given a much better capture of the light, but in terms of movement, I think it's getting there.

I decided to go back through the fair on the way home from uni today. I wanted to do at least one detailed drawing, so chose this candy floss stall on Gregory Boulevard:

I wanted to capture the crowds of people visiting/not visiting/just walking past. The lady running the stall asked to see it when it was finished. I showed her, she said she wanted a copy (?!) and gave me this: 

So all in all, not bad for my first week back to uni!

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