Monday, 13 May 2013

End of Year Assessment

What's that you say? Year Two finished....ALREADY?! 

That's right, it's assessment day and I can't believe again how quick this has come round again! What an amazing year though. I feel so excited and happy that I am doing all this right now :)

Having finally got round to achieving some finished objects and items for assessment (yay!) here is my space, and I am very proud of it:

latex, surface and glaze samples boards
additional samples and plaster moulds
And here are some of my chosen few, this is what's exciting me for the journey ahead:

another lovely bubbling
a bisque fired finish which has challenged my notion of 'what is finish on a non-functional object'

and my favourite Latex and Ceramic combinations....
..that show the direction of where I'd like to be heading next year
Really excited for where this all might lead and looking forward to the long summer. I'm off on a drawing trip to Gdansk in a few weeks so will be up with drawings from that soon! Happy holidays, and hopefully some sunshine (?!), 

lots of love, 

Decorative Arts, BA (Hons), Year Two  x

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