Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mould Making

My first project of the term! Yippee!! 

The Brief:

From your introduction to the mould making process. Carefully select a single or collection of everyday objects, that you can fit into one hand. (remember you will be working from this object for the entire brief).
From this object produce a Model for your mould that breathes new life into this everyday items.
Growing, constructing, slicing, abstracting, enlarging, encasing, displaying, emphasising, disguising, wrapping, exploding, containing, framing, encrusting, re-mixing
A consideration of Aesthetic, Function and Concept will be key to the success of your work.

I started by having a wander around the arboretum on the way home for inspiration and was attracted to this leaf

I liked the decay, the holes especially, and started to think about what could be done with them... As I had a weekend to ponder over things I decided not to worry too much and just let my mind wander... I was then left thinking about fruit and vegetables, oranges specifically and the surface of pineapples (I love the structure of their tops too!) So I will pick some up and see what I get up to with them in the workshop!

Daniel mentioned something about what we might like to do with our casts, what they could become etc. I started to think about lighting...

Whilst thinking about fruit, vegetables (and lighting), I did a search on google and this came up from designer Sergio Mendoza
I love the texture and the reclaimed here. 

I found these strawberry inspired lights from Swedish design duo Glimpt (which also introduced me to an amazing design website called Dezeen!) I love the delicacy and the simplicity of the structures/hats on top.
There was this very interesting idea of using actual vegetable matter by Dutch designers Kathy Ludwig and Florian Kräutli
This casting popped up on my facebook feed. I've been 'liking' a lot of design pages recently and have found it a great way of getting information on things otherwise embedded in the web. I've also been subscribing to a lot of rss feeds which are uploading strait to this blog! (brilliant!)
The work of Eva Hesse popped into my head, this piece specifically, when I was thinking about oranges and how they look in their plastic netting.
I love the bulbous and weighted nature of the latex in these netting 'socks'. I might have a play with this idea...

Today I was in town and stumbled across this light base in Daphney's Handbag. I started thinking a bit more about what I can do and am really looking forward to tomorrow!

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