Monday, 17 October 2011

Lighting Design

I have been thinking a lot about lighting design and came across a few interesting websites and designers today. Paul Cocksedge Studio is a very exciting site. Working with the properties of light and light as a concept they have created some really beautiful and engaging pieces.
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Styrene: constructed from heated polystyrene cups. I love the shapes and forms that have been created
The switch to this piece is based on the natural conductive properties of the graphite found in pencils.
Connecting two points with a pencil line completes the circuit and the light is switched on. When the line is rubbed out the light is switched off!
Sapphire Light
Originally commissioned by The Bombay Sapphire Foundation, the design involves pouring gin and tonic into a light bulb-shaped vessel and shining UV light onto the chandelier. Switched on, the clear translucent liquid is transformed into an incredible glowing blue colour. The liquid becomes the light!
A Gust Of Wind: Three hundred curvaceous pieces of Corian® were exhibited for one day only, as part of the V&A’s Friday Late Night Event. The ‘pages’ represented a stack of paper blown into the air by a gust of wind. Each of these limited edition pieces was engraved and then handmade by Paul and were given away at the event. They function as paper trays, becoming a place for wandering paper to gather. 

7Gods are interesting design group. I found them (and these images) on yatzer

Alan table lamp
Alan table lamp (side view)
Jinko ceiling light

Globe Campus brought up this design of a lighting fixture that turns into a fruit bowl, alongwith an interesting article on 3D printing

Metamorphose by Martin Faubert
I was also very taken by the blog urban pasture and a post about Light Bulb Art If only for this image alone!
aqua bulb

Thinking casting I really like this from Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang Lamp No. 2, 2009
and in painting, I like this by Brian Clarke

Lightbulbs, Brian Clarke, 2011
Both were in the exhibition Burning, Bright: A Short History of the Light Bulb at The Pace Gallery, New York

These fabric lights by London based designer Henny Van Nistelrooy look great! 

This Light Bulbo by Duda Carvalho is ingenious! Love the shape too

The concept behind this Bundle Lamp is nice

And this design by textile artist Rachel Wingfield is incredible!
The epoitome of art meets science!

This nail cloud is interesting, by Dutch designer Ilias Ernst

I love the work of Pia Westerberg, really interesting ideas. These lights from Processed Paper project are lovely

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