Thursday, 6 October 2011

William Morris and the Muslims

Reading through my lecture notes for next week I was very taken by this article and documentary on William Morris and the Muslims. 
On entering a Persian rug shop for the first time Morris notes, "it was vermillion, gold and is just like going into the Arabian Nights".
Morris' disappointment with contemporary design led to his looking for inspiration through other crafts and cultures...the revival and preservation of traditional crafts was important and now, in London, we have the Princes School of Traditional Art teaching you crafts of the old guild system with the belief that you are not only training your craft but are nurturing your inner soul...
I like these ideas and have been thinking an awful lot about Islamic design since my visit to Portgual when I was introduced to Moorish architecture. I have also found that my time over the summer thinking about design and making has been loaded with an interest in this area. I am hoping that this is something I am able to explore in the coming weeks/months as and when projects arise on the course. 

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