Thursday, 13 October 2011


We began the day with a lecture on Colurists and shown various slides of inspirational artists. Matisse popped up, "the master of colour" and I found this image Le Rifain assis (Seated Riffian) 1912/13 as a good  example of his pallet
Raoul Dufy was the key painter that stuck out for me. I liked his use of colour and line to add depth and distinction. Very illustrative and good style for use in textiles

The Artists Studio found on Tumblr
Toulouse Lautrec and his use of coloured paper as a background is interesting. You can work much more with colour on top then. I might apply this when I do some life drawing...?
Then we approached our brief:

Research in Context: Part One 


Working from an arranged group of items; begin to investigate colour ranges through composition, format, scale, media application and colour mixing.

my still life objects
colour study with gouache
abstraction and altering colour pallet
reducing pallet to 3 colours
detail study with drawing
experimental collage
looking at the relationship of colour and composition
abstract collage and detail study
collage study with ink drawing and chalk

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