Friday, 29 June 2012

In too deep...

Right, this is beyond rediculous...I am so far behind in my updates for this blog! I need to get things in order so that my mind is clear. It has all been very very busy these past couple of months...I've had end of term presentations, essay hand ins, a visit to Collect, course feedback,  a family move, long walks around inspiring degree shows and have lots and lots of links to sort through! sounds like I've given myself a full time job! eeeek! Though it should all keep me out of trouble over the long summer break :)

Today I went along to New Designers which is like one huge degree show! I have a stack of business cards to work my way through from here too. I want to analyze and highlight what it was I liked best. After my recent drawing trip to Spain however, today was all about yummy surface design for me! So maybe that's where I will start, with Spain and surface marks, before working back to get in a position to somewhere that I can carry on from...

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