Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day Two: Cutar Riverbed walk

It's the Summer Solstice and some 33'C! What better day for a hike along a dried up riverbed!?! This was a heavy day, but with lots of stops and plenty to draw it turned out to be a very rewarding day.

First stop: rock pool. With foliage, composition, texture and colour...

Excited by the drawings I had made from the plants on the terrace yesterday I looked at the various plants that were in view

There were some interesting comopsitions and I looked specifically at line and shape to describe everything
I like the shapes that are coming out in this for lots of layering!
working on some smaller compositions
and detailing the flight path of a dragonfly!
Martyn came over to me at this point and suggested I look at colour. So I drew the space again, using a colour wash and 'drawing' underneath. I found this much easier for following the dragonfly!

continued with the colour in a tree study
but went back to line on a second stop after some very intense heat!
There were some carob fruits lying around, we ate some and they were quite delicious! I thought it right to record one too...
I loved the shape of this tree root exposed in the rock face
Then we moved on, fighting our way back through overgrown thorn bushes. Exciting trek - though perhaps we should have brought a machete! Next and final stop was a valley view of the Andalucian hillside. This was such a beautiful spot. The light was amazing and the colour, fantastic! I really enjoyed applying marks to this drawing. The combination of the messy fluid stalks with the block colour of the hillside is interesting. Then with the application of line on top - WOW! I got very excited by these and feel that on reflection this is the drawing that inspired the rest of my Spanish drawing journey!

Tutorial was good and noted that it was worth my exploring more use of colour. Happy for the challenege, it was a great way to finish day two!

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