Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day Seven: Heading back Home

The final day was a leisurely one, breakfast, house tidy, pick up, beach bar, beer, cocktail, beer and plane home! I squeezed two more drawings out before I left one in the house as we were waiting for the mopping to dry

And one of my adoration for the back bar at the Torre del Mar beach bar.

This was some bar!! Beds on the beach and Moroccan style lighting - real heaven!

So that was it! My week drawing in Spain. What did I learn? tonnes! I met some really great people, full of ideas about things I have never even thought about; and feel blessed to have experienced and been taken along such an amazing journey of self discovery. I feel reconnected with my visual voice; full of inspired excitement, passion, drive and positive energy.  I can't wait to explore the rest of my summer, and life, through drawings in my sketchbooks and can't wait to go back to Spain! X x


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    1. thankyou! I had kind of run our of steam at this point - last drawing before we hit the plane!