Friday, 22 June 2012

Day Three: Malaga

We head out to Malaga today. A few vists planned; first stop was to the old Moorish settlement Alcazaba de Malaga. I loved this venue. I have an affinity with Moorish architecture and its stylings, and here it was in complete abundance - WOW! Taking the advice from last nights tutorial, and the short discussion on composition, I walked around the settlement, choosing my favourite spots to work from. I took lots of pictures of the interiors:

But it was when I came round to draw that I really had a great time!

We then went on to the Contemporary Art Gallery and visited Picasso's old sherry bar:

We drank dry and sweet sherry, and found they had a very cool way of keeping your tab 
(in chalk on the bar top!)

Malaga's old town had some beautiful street scenes:

whilst being dotted with quirky installations...

I loved these olympians:

and this bench too - WOW!

After the gallery we had a short break in the rest garden outside the cathedral. I made the most of this space of moving figures and scribbled down a page of quick sketches, which I enjoyed.

Exciting tutorial - we are all producing some different and interesting work...I wonder what the remiander of the week will bring...?


  1. Wowza, looks like you've really found your groove with the watercolour and line sketches! Love it xx (Nixie Pixie)

    1. tee hee! Yes - this was one of my favourite days!!!