Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Drawing in Spain

I signed up to this drawing holiday in February and have been anticipating its arrival since then!! After finishing up for the summer this seemed like the perfect thing to do. It would kick start me for next year and stop me being bored over the long break! Oh how right I was!!! Never before have I experience something so incredible! There almost aren't the words to describe it!? I have drawn so much and come back with so much inspiration! I feel addement that every single design student should go on this kind of trip and don't think I will be shutting up about it for a very very long time!
So, where to even begin!? Well, we flew into Malaga on Tuesday and were met by Martyn who drove us to Cutar, where we would be staying for the week in his villa.
Cutar village

Map locating Cutar
And here is the villa!
So beautiful and idyllic - what a great space to live and create in for the week!

There were four of attending the trip, each coming from a very different background and with totally different agendas. This made for an interesting week of ideas exchange and I think was what added to the whole experience being so special. We were busy all week, taken out to a different location every day. Drinking beer, wine and sangria in the evenings. Eating tapas throughout the day and of course enjoying the without fail beautiful sunshine! It was such a relaxing place to be. But on top of all that it was a really productive week too!

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