Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day one: Cutar

My first day in Spain! The sun is shining and we head out for breakfast! cafe solo and a visit to Martyn's Finca (farm). In its current state its half an old building but he's looking to renovate it with a view to rent out as an eco let - exciting! Whilst he talked with his builder, there was lots to look at so I started scribbling

 I loved all the foliage so had a draw here too:

It was a great site for pictures, some I may come back to later...

 plus a good spot for a bit of composition and texture too...

 When we got back I looked at the sctructural flowers on the terrace 

and experimented with a tonal 'sketch' of which I've not done for years!

This was the night of our first tutorial - which worked brilliantly with a beer in hand! It was noted that I lacked evaluation of my work. I took this on board and as we talked around the table about what everyone wanted to get out of the trip it became clear that we were up for a very exciting week!

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