Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day Four: Caleta

Today we went out to market, alongside the harbour, beach, bar and art shop for coloured pen supplies! This was another nice day, albeit very hot and difficult to work in at times - thank goodness for my big floppy hat!

After tutorial last night talking about the application of different degrees of colour, line and mark-making I borrowed a set of coloured fineliners and bought a pack of broad and fine tipped felt pens - this caused an explosion of colour today! Starting off with some simple line experiments...
Then visiting an awe-inspiring harbour!! So much texture, colour and composition - I wanted to record it all!!! Lots of photos for future reference, to which I will dedicate a whole other post too, but for now, my drawings, starting with the boats and their funny shaped lamp heads...

I really enjoyed overlaying all the media, the colour combinations of the ink and the watercolour was great, really textural. The sun was getting really hot though and there was zero shade other than from the hat on my head, so this one was a little ambitious for the situation:

However this worked much better as it was on a smaller scale:

I loved the composition left by these lobster pots

and after yesterday's introduction to Luis Gordillo 
I was inspired to abstract the circles in to this nice pattern:

We stopped for lunch at this point, rehydrating over a number of Fanta limones y Nesteas! After lunch we head to the beach bar. I loved the layout, all the wicker and cane, lampshades swinging overhead. It called for more drawing, but as I opened by book this happened:

It got me very distracted with all my new pens so I just had to play with the colours...

I then applied a bit more consideration

and wondered what it would look like if you overlayed this idea....

After experimenting a little more with pattern, shape and exhausting my new vibrant colour pallete:

I started to draw out the bar and its lighting features:

Robyn and Martyn fell asleep providing a great life study

Then it was time for a dip in the sea before documenting the beautiful bright parasols:

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