Monday, 23 April 2012

Young Scientist of The Year Nomination!

My lovely little sis has been nominated for Young Scientist of the Year - woopee! I'll be going along to see her deliver a presentation on Wednesday, all based around her final year project:
Improving environmental sustainability in the food industry by readdressing methods of food production and local food networks
It's very far removed from my arty little world, but I'm incredibly proud of her indeed :) I was also very happy that last week were able to join forces! As part of her final year assessments, she took part in a nutrition fair at Sheffield Hallam uni. Delivering a stall with the theme of Grow it Cook it Eat it we worked together to make it all look tip top!

So, starting with this bunting as inspiration,
I created an applique patchwork wrap around for her to wear.
adding a little extra detail
to both sides of the apron
 it really made her look quite the part!
Then it was time to have a rummage and source everything we needed for a well presented table..I knew all this stuff would come in use one day!!
 We kept with the patchwork theme and cut out letters to match for the backdrop
Made a few minor adjustments, et, voila!
Here it is on nutrition fair day, I think the addition of the yellow looks great!
Each stall had to run a competition as part of the assessment, so after securing a free veg box from able & cole as a prize, she created a 'competition garden' for people to guess how long it took from a courgette seed being planted to flower and end up on your plate!? The stall was very well received and the competition especially -  I love the idea of using the plant markers as your guess!
So here is a happy Nic caught by instagram on the day!

Well done sis! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Making Local Food Work were the main sponsors of her stall
and Taste Real Food UK have played an important part of her uni life this year too!
Highlights include her organising various tasting events at local drinkeries and eateries:
most recently at the newly opened Tamper in Sheffield, and an up and coming trip to Ludlow Food Festival.

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  1. Loui & Helen26 April 2012 at 09:49

    Great job from a great team!