Monday, 9 April 2012

Tatlin's Monument to The Third International

Monday's are our Decorative Arts in Context days with Nickie. We've had a lecture each week covering design and its context from 1900 - now. I have been meaning to get a post up about each of the lectures but they're all saved on draft and not complete - I think that might be a summer job!?

There have been two assessable elements to the module this year. First we had a group presentation Metal & Architecture in the 1930s, now it's time for essay writing!

The Brief:
With reference to one specific example of a piece of design produced from any time since 1900, discuss how your chosen example has engaged with contemporary concerns.

Note: Design includes: product (2D and 3D), fashion, graphics, architecture, but not painting or sculpture. 
I have chosen to look at Vladimir Tatlin's  'Monument to the Third International' after an interesting yet speedy lecture on Russian Revolutionary Art.

'Tatlin at Home' by Raoul Hausmann, and model of Vladimir Tatlin's 'Monument to the Third International'
I'm finding the research a really exciting process! I've come across some fantastic films, especially  The Art of Russia series by the critic Andrew Graham Dixon


I love BBC Four it's documentaries are varied and informed - it's my definite go to for a culture fix!

And because it was so sunny the otherday, I even had Pixie giving me a hand with my notetaking!


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