Monday, 16 April 2012

Construction, Cranes and Collage

Whilst researching for my essay today, I stumbled across the Twentieth Century Society Magazine. It's an interesting read, with further details to be found at The Institue for Historic Building Conservation. As well as featuring an interview with Richard Pare about his photos of Soviet Modernism (last seen as part of the Royal Acadamey exhibition...also interviewed here, here and reviewed here), there was also an article on Joyce Pallot. She makes gorgeous screenprints of industrial-style scenes and I found a good portfolio of her work at Emma Mason Check these out!

Building Construction
Untitled (Cranes Orange)
Untitled (Cranes Pink)
Landing Stage
Lonely Dockside
Untitled (Cranes)
There are also some nice watercolours to be found at fine art dealers campbell wilson

Architectural Study
Great aren't they! It's got me thinking...situation drawing of construction/deconstruction at a building site - there's one right by uni at the moment...sketchbook at the ready!

I also found these lovely geometric inspired collages by Andrew Zarou rather in keeping with today's discoveries!

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