Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Out of the kiln and into the...what was that colour???

I went to the kiln room today to see if my pieces had been fired...they had! 
Here's what happened to the pigments at 1100'C! 

I like the way the colour has worked here, much darker than I thought but they fit really well together
was hoping for a bit more colour in this one - time for some more experiments!!!
he's worked out just great tho - what a happy little birdy!
these work so well!!!
really happy with how this one looks!
wish I'd painted his head a bit darker...never mind, I know for next time! Little egg saucer support looks good though!
I'm a bit disappointed by the streaky lines on this one - wish I'd left it alone!!! Happy little fella tho isn't he?!

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