Monday, 9 April 2012

Creating in Clay: Week 3

Themed making this week...I continued with the birds!

I really wanted to play with the expression on those taxidermy birds... thought it was time for some quirky teacups!
using the leg as a handle might be a bit too delicate, but we'll have to wait and see!
now for the saucer - with an egg to hold the cup in place!
using the slab form and mitre joining techniques from last week!
and moulding some more bird heads..this time the pelican
doesn't he look just lovely on top of this butter dish!
And here's a funny little fella...
Poking his head out of an egg...or is that a soup bowl!?
sat on a 'pond' with two more eggs (aka salt & pepper pots!)
Now it's a case of waiting until fired and taking the Easter break! One more week when we get back then it's on to Glass and our last of 2 projects of the year!!!

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