Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Paul Hogarth

With an interest in new ways of approaching drawing, I've been looking through the book Creative Ink Drawing by Paul Hogarth. I'm rather taken by his mark making in these images from the 1960s:

Plaza Santa Catalina Tomas, Palma, Majorca, 1963
(The detail in the building is beautiful, especially the windows!)

San Augustin, Majorca, 1963 

(Love his capture of movement in the busy street, the solid building, the moving bus)

Telegraph Wires, Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1963 

(I'm looking at structure in my tile project at the moment.. this one really struck me because of that)
The Silver Rail, New York City, 1963 

(I love composition and choice of ink use in this one...the text too on the signage has real energy!)

Palma Signs, Majorca, 1963  

(This one reminds me of a Raschenberg painting!)
Puigpunyent, Majorca, 1963 

(I like the simplicity and 'lack' of line in this piece)

Drawing for jacket of Brendan Behan's New York, 1964 

(Depth of perspective is great here!)
Via Roma, Palma, Majorca, 1963
(I like the use of different brushes across this piece)
Windmills near Palma, Majorca, 1963
(Mark, line, depth, perspective)
Cafe Figaro, Greenwich Village, New York, 1965 

(Again the movement, of people, is strong...*)

Illustration for Use Your Russian, 1963 

(* both these pieces!)

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  1. I have liked this guy for a long time. His style is great and distinctive.