Saturday, 14 January 2012

Julie Blyfield and Hiroshi Suzuki

We had a workshop yesterday with metalsmith Laura Baxter. She introduced lots of working processes and talked about some of her favourite designers. One of those is the Australian maker Julie Blyfield and after a flick through her book and a bit more research I can understand why...her work is quite incredible! She lives in the same city as my folks now do and I'm rather inspired by her studio and working process!!! For homework this week we are to make paper models of our design ideas, seeing these studio shots has filled me with the exciting possibilities!

from this
and this

to these
and these!!!
Laura also expressed her love for the work of Hiroshi Suzuki
I came across this great video of his making process...check it out!

Research also took me to the buyers Adrian Sassoon who host an exciting collection of contemporary craft ware and a very interesting blog post on rings:

Laura Baxter

Gesine Hackenberg

Enric Majoral

Refine Jewellery Design

Akiko Ban

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