Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Paper makes metal makes paper...

Here are some models for my potential object of desire. Although I found it a little frustrating to begin with, I actually quite enjoyed myself in the end!

Day 1
bracelet, techniques:  fly press, solder
whirlwind bracelet, techniques: roller, punch, solder (the text, on this, explains the concept: that words would be punched into the band in the form of a poem or conversation...
...I might have been thinking about this piece when designing it and have since found this - what a great idea!)
fascinator, techniques: piercing, roller, doming, solder *favourite*
earing, techniques: punching, folding, hand threading!
ring, techniques: folding, solder
(detail) with the form taking shape from the multiple folds
sculptural ring, techniques: piercing, folding, solder
made from lots and lots of these!
necklace, techniques: piercing, doming, solder *favourite*
brooch, techniques: fly press, solder
(detail) from contours on a map
brooch, techniques: piercing, solder, assemblege
brooch, techniques: guillotene, solder

brooch (flat), techniques: piercing, solder
brooch (+dimension), techniques: piercing, solder, doming
brooch, techniques: roller, solder
light casing, techniques: roller, solder
hair pin, techniques: using up the scraps (for zero waste!), hand folding, solder(?)
Day 2
bird shaped epaulette, techniques: fly press, solder
(context - the other shoulder fell off!)
butterfly book mark (with page text?), techniques: piercing, solder, roller
in context
handcuff bracelet, techniques: piercing, roller
or as single bracelet, with additional rivet?
necklace, techniques: piercing, roller, solder
earings, technique: roller
brooch, technique: doming, raising(?), crushing
birdie brooch, technique: fly press, solder - I like this actually but think it only works in paper...?

andyousaidthatitdintreallymatter brooch (landscape), techniques: precision piercing(!), solder
andyousaidthatitdidntreallymatter (portrait)
typewriter necklace! techniques: piercing, solder, folding, punchingh
(detail) the idea being that the raised keys type out a word
lantern casting, techniques: fly press, drilling
brooch, techniques: piercing, roller, solder
layered bowl, techniques: drilling, doming, solder
ring - using waste! techniques: rolling, solder
I have a few *favourites* but we'll see how I feel after tutorial + more process demos tomorrow!!!

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  1. ARGH! Love the ring and the broach! :) Thank you for a lovely evening. Also... possible metal work inspiration?! x