Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Marks?

Hello 2012! I've had a lovely Christmas and nice break from uni, now it's ready to get back to work.. During my down time I've been researching lots of artists. Ones that have inspired me the most have been those related to drawing or illustration. Today I found this amazing video via dappled sky

How brilliant is that?! A self drawing balloon!!
Alternative mark-making is definately on the agenda this year...thanks dappled sky!!!
William Kentridge popped up whilst researching for my print project, I love this image of him drawing a HUGE typewriter (I really must draw some of those this year...)

I love these drawings by mild deliria
How tonal, soulful, full of collage, depth and energy...

I like the simplicity of this line drawing in the header for the blog Stitches | Fabric | And Soul

This *amazing* wallpaper by Deborah Bowness

And I think this family sketchbook idea is adorable! 

This Daikanyama installation by Annalise Rees is a great idea

And I love these Qwerty piece's by Sarah Frost, it's not pen to paper drawing but I still like it!

So it's back to uni on Monday, and a term dedicated to wood, metal and tiles! I hope to take some more life drawing classes and try out some new ways of mark making.

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