Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Making in metal, some research

I've been researching metal across the web and come across some interesting designers and ideas. I really like the idea of recycling or using a material that is 'found' and working with its properties. I have been collecting tin cans for a while and musing over what I can do with them. There was this idea for creating tiles out of old aluminium cans and die casting

This brilliant idea using both tin cans and leftover candle wax - I have loads of bits of old candle so this is a definate future project!! Would be nice with a distorted can too maybe...?

 Some amazing origami metal fashions like this piece by Tine De Ruysser.

a bracelet that turns into a bag - genius!!
And whilst on origami, this Computational Origami popped up. It's not made out of metal but could I apply the same principle...??

I like the geometory in these designs by Vladimir Bulatov

love the surface application on this one
the use of pattern in this one
the depth is great in this one
and more subtle in this one
extreme interlocking
and more florid
this is a bit more 'Celtic' than what I would normally like but the fluidity of line is lovely in this one!

He also makes wooden ones too!
the walnut line in this is great
I love the seamless interlocking in these two ^ v

the surface on this and two tone use of wood is great

I also found this interactive origami Jellyfish swarm it's quite lovely!

And I think these recycle inspired sculptures by Sayaka Ganz are beautiful. 
Static movement - I just love it!


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  1. This stuff looks amazing! From the simplistic to the complex! You always see old beautiful cutlery in charity shops, maybe you could do something with that? Best of luck for your second term x