Monday, 2 July 2012

That's all Folks!

For my first year at uni at least! I can't believe how quick it's all gone?! Been such an exciting year, full of lots of discovery and plenty to develop in the coming 2 years. I'm unsure as to whether I am a 3D maker or 2D surface designer but I still have another year and a bit to decide which way I'm going to go! There were actually bits from all the materials (process wise) that I enjoyed, but overall Print, Glass and Ceramics gelled with me the best! I never did put up a post about my metal and wood projects, maybe that's because I didn't enjoy them as much as the others? Here are the final pieces for both projects:
having developed a process/texture through centre punch application
I made a variety of samples across brass, copper, alluminium and steel
and 'collaged' them together using rivets
Wooden sculpture based around the movement of piano keys.
This was my table layout for the Metal & Wood assessment:

And here is my one for Glass & Ceramics:

I never got round to documenting my glass project on here as it was very experimental and there were no real 'final pieces'. I produced a number of pieces and tried to incorporate a variety of techniques. Those pieces that I would potentially put in that 'final piece' category, but that need much more work in terms of polish and refinement are:

Bullseye glass assemblage using French Vanilla as a base and incorporating various circles of different colours and transparencies
I couldn't decide which side looked best so never got round to slumping! I'd be really interested in coming back to this and developing a number of colour palettes and arrangements
A fusing together of lots of different colours
then slumping it! Very much in need of a good polish though!!!
After an attempt at throwing some pots I was left with these 'collars'. I decided to fire them rather than recycling the clay and thought they might be interesting if used for slumping molds.
in an early experiment I had trapped some feathers between some glass and after fusing these bubbles appeared!

using the collars and the same fusing process as the feathers I took a whole pheasant wing, sprinkled on some enamels and let the kiln work its magic
I think this was my favourite piece. Having fused a few scraps of bullseye together I then slumped it into this failed thrown attempt. I like the way it hugs all the contours. This could make for a really interesting development....

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