Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Project: Juxtaposition

My summer project for next year!
Your first project in the second year will deal with combining materials techniques and processes in an interesting and usual manner to produce exciting artifacts/objects.

The Brief:
In preparation for the second year of the course we would like you to complete a visual diary/exploration of your experiences over the summer break in particular a study of juxtaposition
Definition: Juxtaposition (noun).
1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
2. the state of being close together or side by side.
You may consider:
Meeting points or joints between material/objects. Collections of objects, similar or different. Contrasting and complimentary,  materials/objects.
Where the earth meets the sky; City turns to countryside; Sea meets the lands; Shadow of a tree against a skyscraper.
Interactions between people; people on the beach; people on nights out; people asleep; Lovers, individuals/ groups; Close up interactions.
To be completed by the start of October 2012; for use as inspiration and reference for your first project when entering the second year.
Final Requirements:
·      A Sketchbook/Diary of drawings, collages, photographs, material samples, design work, or combinations of media experiment that record juxtaposition within your summer experiences.

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