Monday, 2 July 2012

Crossing Cultures Through Colour, Music and Sound

I have not once mentioned music on this blog - which really surprises me! Maybe it is because I have had a bit more time on my hands now the holidays are here, but I've been rediscovering some old discoveries and getting very excited!!! I am very passionate about music and gobble up most genres going. Read an interesting article this weekend actually which I'm looking forward to delving into, and bought some new compilations. I'm hoping they will send me to some great new places!! I love experimenting with music and discovering new sounds. I have been thinking about making some work based around sound and image for ages and whilst I was in Spain I had lots of time to think about the musicians, genres and sounds that interest me. I talked about Andy Sheppard - the one musician that has made me cry! (in the best possible way of course!!!) I found this video of him earlier - beautiful sound and great interpretation of sound through colour too!

It's style reminds me of Waking Life, which is a really excellent film, and this is one of my favourite scenes "the ongoing WOW is happening right now" - yes yes yes!! wow wow WOW!!

Four Tet is great for sound beat and visuals...check out this video!!!!

This video also reminded me of the installation film piece Yard by Song Tao and B6. A beautiful piece of sound and visual compilation exhibited in a mirrored corridor making the experience totally immersive

Interested in cross-cultural music I discovered Imogen Heap's new record via The Strand.  I just LOVE the way she collects and assembles sounds. Check out her talking about it here and the video:

She has also developed these amazing gloves too, WOW!

The looping also reminds me of Laura J Martin. She is incredible live, looping and mixing right in front of your eyes and ears! Her flute playing is out of this world check this one out!!!!

This animation for her track Firehorse is cute too:

Abigail Washburn is another cross cultural artist I've been listening to a lot of recently. I love the jam in this tour video:

There are loads more of these tour videos too. Check them out here

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