Thursday, 19 September 2013

Drawing in Spain: Round 2!

It was my second time Drawing In Spain this summer and it was just as good as my first! Having been to Gdansk at the beginning of the summer too, this felt like the perfect close.

Visiting familiar places but with a heightened appreciation for drawing, here begins my journey... Day 1: Cutar

Settling into the village, we had a walk round to find some things to draw. I had a few unsuccessful drawings but started finding my way as I got to this one:

I'm not a huge fan of it, but there are some interesting things going on. The heavy line vs painterly abstraction and the attention to the hillside landscape. I started to explore this a bit more:

The pattern and colour that is coming out here is interesting. The changing combinations of large, small, dark and light, and circles, again, are playing a key part. 

At our tutorial in the evening we talked about making 'useful drawing' over 'picture making'. I think this is exactly what I've been battling with. Having produced a lot of drawings over the summer but not really knowing what to 'do' with them, the idea of really thinking about how to use what you are going to translate, really opens up your ability to create work. 

I took this on and started really thinking about what I wanted to get out of this last year at uni...What is it that I am enjoying drawing? What are my 'pictures' telling me? This was the perfect time to be away and being objective about my work - yippeee, so glad I'm here! 

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