Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day Three: Caleta & Squid Ink

We visited the market at Caleta today and took a trip to the harbour. It was the same location that I got overwhelmed by last visit and there was a bit of it again this time too. Starting off in the bar though I started plucking out patterns from the surrounding buildings and people:

Then at the harbour it was time for texture abstraction:

I took a lot of photos to draw inspiration from later, there is a theme of: 
netting, strapping, line, texture, decay and layering

There were some fisherman around as we were drawing and one of them caught an octopus! 

As it hit the floor, squid ink left its tenticles, I took some on my finger and drew with it...
now that is location drawing!!!

I finished off the day with the rich colour of the drying nets

and here is me in situ!

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