Friday, 20 September 2013

Day Two: Comares

We visited the village of Comares today and travelled along a winding dirt track to get there. As we drove along we stumbled across this ruin of a farmhouse: 

It was the perfect spot for a mark-making explore!

I used some of the ideas from the trip last year...taking the colours that were around (and that I'd seen the day before) and translated those into the darker interiors of the ruin. So considering composition I looked at this crumbling roof:

and explored colour, line and texture:

Here is another abstracted pattern taking in the shape and colour of the prickly pears and weed like flowers growing amidst the ruin, it's looking a little angie lewin!:

Then we travelled on to the village. Stopping for lunch at this beautiful hillside, just look at that blue!:

There was plenty to photograph and compose along the way:

I have found that my photographs have improved since going on these drawing trips. They have enabled my eyes to see better, select better and 'draw' better with the camera....

We then stopped and spent some time drawing the rooftops. I continued exploring line:

But felt this one to work better, the suggestion of shape over specified line makes it a much stronger image and exploration:

I explored colour a bit more:

 And different media when we got back to the house, here is a mixed composition of conte crayon, pen and watercolour:

In tutorial we explored ideas behind creating form. Can you find shapes and 3D forms in your drawings? Is this almost a reverse type of layering? Abstracting shapes and forms to inform further alterations, through scale, stitch and other media? This really got me thinking about what I want to develop over this next year...

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