Friday, 28 September 2012

Working through the mountain..

..of postcards, leaflets, flyers, and business cards! I've junked a whole bin's worth already and am slowly working my way through the next! Having collected an awful lot this past year through visits to CollectNew Designers, NTU Degree Shows and the MA Expo, I've not spent anytime evaluating what I wanted to keep!? So here I am with a few days to go before starting back and considering my own work again! As I work through, here are my favourite finds:

Continuing my Journey by Lexi Mac

Isobel Thackray
Janet Wooton: eco resin, black bamboo and jute
Christina Barnard Illustration
Kyle Hands, Painting No.56
Canadian artist Martin Messier brings this unusual orchestra in which all the sounds are made by sewing machines made in the 1940s, amplified and processed by computers. A complex network of strange rhythmic patterns which create all sorts of mental associations among the audience, thanks to the evocative power of these small industrial marvels.

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